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HELP:How to use this Site

General Help for Using This Website and Online Shopping Cart

This Help page has 3 sections


Section 2) Using the Shopping Cart.

Section 3) Returning Members who have previously Registered.

Section 4) What to do if you have forgotten your Password

But Firstly, some of the Abbreviations I Use

FDI= First Day Issue
FDC+ First Day Cover
POP= Post Office Pack
PSE= Pre Stamped Envelopr

For Mint Stamps I use the following
MUH= Mint Un Hinged = MNH=Mint Never Hinged
MLH= Mint Lightly Hinged. gum disturbance form hinge, may have small hinge remnant.
MH= Mint Hinged, will have most of hinge remnant
MHH= Mint Heavy Hinge, hinge will cause some paper disturbance, bending.
MNG= Mint No Gum, either as issued or gum removed
MOG or Part OG= Mint Part Original gum, only used on really early issues.

For Used Stamps I use the following CTO or FU

CTO= Cancelled to Order
FU= Postally Used.

Please note FU IS NOT a Grading, use the scan to determine the condition.

I do not use the terms VFU or XFU, It is for YOU to determine the condition, My use of FU just determines that the stamp has been postally used, it is used Regardless of the condition, heavy postmark, missing perforation etc...
The High Resolution Scan forms part of the Description and should be what you use to determine the Stamp Grade.

For Revenue or Fiscally Used items I use the term Fisc. U

And Now... Some Help.....

Section 1). Firstly you really Need to Register and then Log In to get the full benefit.

Step 1 Click on the log yourself in on the home page.. There are 2 places

1) right in the middle of the Home page about 4 lines down

2) or at the Top Menu here.

Step 2 Fill in the form as shown below..


As a Guest you can browse and add items to your Shopping Cart, but if you wish to purchase them you have to complete the Transaction immediately, otherwise they will not be in your Shopping Cart the next time you Visit. If you Register & Login the cookies will remember your items, and they will stay in your shopping cart for 30 days, so that you can come back anytime and pick up where you left off. Your email is your User name, and your password is something you choose yourself. If you forget your password, you can have it sent to your Registered email. So get the email address Correct, Because if you don't we can't resend the email, or any of the Shopping cart Confirmation emails.

Section 2) Using the Shopping Cart.

Adding items to your Cart is Simple, just enter the quantity you want into the quantity box, you can make several selections on the one page, then go to the top or bottom of the page and click the "Add Selected Items to Cart" Button.

The add button at bottom or press enter on your keyboard.


An alternate way is to enter 1 into the Qty Box & press enter, this will add this item to your cart & take you to the Shopping Cart page, where you can delete the item, or alter quantity if I have more than one available. The System will not let you process your order for more than are available. Enter the revised qty in the box at left and press the two little arrow button just to the right of it.

If you order more than is available , you will see this Red Warning in your shopping Cart.


Change the Quantity and click the reset button (the two rotating arrows  )

Once you have finished Shopping and are satisfied that it is Correct please press the "Go to Checkout" Button at Lower Right Corner of the Shopping Cart


This will Take you to the Next Page. If you are Not Logged in, please Do so now, or Register, but you have ALREADY registered haven't You !!

(ALTERNATELY, you can press the Checkout with Paypal button , EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN OR REGISTERED.

This will do most of the payment Steps automatically by the Paypal site.)


You will then see this, if not doing a Paypal Checkout. (You get another chance to select payment Methods later)

Step 1 of 3
At this Step you can add any Comments to the Comments Box. I DO READ THEM. This is where you can give me Details for Your New Issue Requirements for example. You can also change your Delivery Address or other details if you see they are incorrect.
If paying by Paypal I ONLY deliver to the Paypal address you have on file with Paypal, so please make sure these details match.


Please complete all steps of the Checkout process or your Order may Fail. If you need help, please contact me. You will get a Confirmation of your order to the email address you have used to login with. Bank Account Details are Visible after you have confirmed your order selecting the Cheque payment Option.

Step 2 of 3 Payment Information
Tick & agree to the terms & Conditions. You can't proceed until you do. It will chuck a Red Error at you if you misbehave !!

IMPORTANT: This is where you enter a Discount Coupon/Redemption Coupon Code, if you did not already do so at the First Shopping Cart Page.
Please type your coupon code into the box next to Redemption Code. Your coupon will be applied to the total and reflected in your cart after you click continue.


Please note: you may only use one coupon per order. your code is case sensitive, and must be entered EXACTLY or it will not work.

Select your Payment method.

Choices are Paypal. This will redirect to Paypal to make instant payment


Cheque/Money Order. Use This for ANY OTHER PAYMENT METHOD
ie. Bank Deposit, Cheque in the mail, Contra, Pick Up etc, etc. There are only 2 buttons, either you use Paypal or you do Not.


Click Continue Checkout. This will now apply the Redemption Coupon and Refresh the Page. Press the Continue Checkout Button if you are Happy it all is to your Liking

Step 3 of 3. Confirm Your Order
All your order details & payment Choices are shown here. Click the Confirm Order Button to Place the Order.

Congratulations, you have placed the Order. You are now sent to a Confirmation Page which will give you my Bank Details, Name for Cheque and all else you need to know to complete the Order by Bank Deposit or mail.

You also receive a Confirmation email . If you missed these details during Checkout please contact me and I will resend them to you.

Section 3) Returning Members who have previously Registered.

If you have already Registered you only need to login  using your email & password which you have previously created.


Before Login


After Login


After Login and you have items in your Shopping Cart



Section 4) What to do if you have forgotten your Password

You will see the words Forgot your password? below the login box

Click on them.. you will see the following

Fill in the email you originally Registered with.

Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Tip.. Cut & Paste the password, it is case Sensitive..

This is the My Account Button in the Top Menu Bar

You will see this, just change your password to something you will remember

As always if you need Help, you can email me by the CONTACT US Link in the LEFT menu Bar, below the Stamp categories