StampMall is now on Delcampe

I have had an interest in stamps since my Childhood in the 1960's. I worked for a major UK Dealer when I was a teenager, then left for more exciting activities, like Travel..
I started again with Stamps in 2006 during my recovery from Bowel & Lung cancer.
I worked for a Dealer and Auctioneer in Melbourne, whilst building up my Stamp Fair and Online sales.
I joined Delcampe in 2013 and kept my listings with them as I built up my Own Online Store.
After Covid in 2023 I ceased my own Store, because the running of a website on my own, was taking too much time with Technical goings on.
Delcampe is well run and organised, and offers security for both Parties in a transaction.
I just use this website as a place to play around in.

Look forward to seeing your there.
There is no Contact method for me from here....... You have to go and use the Delcampe Members Messaging system, it keeps spam at bay...
or, you can find me on Stampboards as fletches1
All images are from items in my collection, or stock now and past.