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This site is a Display Gallery of my Own Collection, or items that have passed through my hands over the years.

Stamp Collecting does not have to be expensive to be fun.
Any items I may have for Sale are listed in my Store on Hipstamp

Some Links that I use

Moved from Delcampe because of Buyers being charged the fees. I have over 14,000 positive Feedback there. Look forward to Serving you on Hipstamp.

Zirinsky Stamps specializes in stamps revenues (including railway and parcel stamps),
cinderellas and postal history from Australia, New Zealand,
the Pacific (including US and French Territories), the Caribbean, Africa,
other British Empire/ Commonwealth Countries as well as German Colonies.+++

The Digital Philatelist

 For Modern Stamp Collectors

Are you a Machin Nut like I am? Then enjoy the over 3,000 varieties
identified here for collectors of the Great Britain Machins...

Also some really good Machin Album Pages

We try to be the web's number 1 resource for up-to-date news
 about new stamps of Great Britain.

GB Overprints Society (GBOS) helps members and collectors to explore the many ways in which,
and reasons why, British stamps and other postal material have been overprinted,
whether it is for use outside the UK or for special functions within the UK.

The Museum of Philately becomes a Non-Profit Organisation
and appoints Simon Martin-Redman as its new President

Blog covering modern Australian stamps. Information on new issues, reprints, postal stationery, exhibitions, most of which is unavailable elsewhere.

Postage Stamps are Pop Culture

The Modern British Philatelic Circle brings together collectors of Great Britain stamps and related items issued during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III. It offers something for everyone, regardless of level of experience or years of collecting.

The Southern Hemisphere’s Only Stamp Monthly

STAMPBOARDS - Postage Stamp Chat Board and Stamp Forum
Stampboards – The World’s No#1 Bulletin Board to discuss STAMP COLLECTING and PHILATELY!!